Flanders to Rome

Nicola Sciascia
Family Pilgrimage 2007


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Name Partner Town/City Parent From
Sonny Sciascia Maudie Levin John De Tomba Nicola
Piri Sciascia Gaylene Wellington Frank La Basse Frank Tariuha
Marina Sciascia Porangahau Frank La Basse Frank Tariuha
Paul Sciascia Australia Frank La Basse Frank Tariuha
Kim Steffert Napier Hoko & Marina Ropiha Frank Tariuha
Ellen Ruth
John Sciascia Helen Tauranga Geoffrey Charles John De Tomba
Brian Rose Marie Auckland Jack (Rose) John De Tomba
Linda Salmon Des Nelson Roy John De Tomba
Richard Taylor Susan Levin Mereaina (Patuaka) Mary Christina
Diane Taylor Levin Mereaina (Patuaka) Mary Christina
Lannie MacDonald Sydney, Australia Joe (MacDonald) Mary Christina
Erin Sandilands Hastings Mary (Pene) Margaret Carlotta
Erin Hira Erin Sandilands Margaret Carlotta
Jean Te Huia Hastings Mary (Pene) Margaret Carlotta
Jocelyn Te Huia Hastings Jean Te Huia Margaret Carlotta
Katerina Te Huia Hastings Jean Te Huia Margaret Carlotta
Kit Perawiti Koputaroa Signa (Pene) Margaret Carlotta
Missy Rahui Peni Shannon Margaret Carlotta
Marcia Bourne Titahi Bay Charlie (Pene) Margaret Carlotta
Tina Pohe Wellington Raewyn (Tunoho) Lydia Louisa
Darryl Hippolite Wellington Thomas (Hippolite) Lydia Louisa
Robyn Parkinson Don Opotiki Jean (Ropiha) Ellen Ruth
Moana Allison Peter Napier Ramona Nicholas James
Joy Hokianga Tama (Hira) Nicholas James
Pauline Gray Pauline is a friend of Jean Te Huia
Paul Gardner Christine Levin Paul and Christine are brother and sister in law of Audrey Sciascia, wife of Roy Sciascia
Peter Gardner
Linda Fletcher Levin Linda is involved in the Adopt An ANZAC project
Dominique Cooreman Dominique is from Flanders (Belgium) and has done extensive research on the life of Charles Rangiwawahia.  During this research she discovered in 2005 that he was killed in La Basseville (Belgium)

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