Flanders to Rome

Nicola Sciascia
Family Pilgrimage 2007

Pirihira Waikawa Sciascia

31-08-1898 to 11-02-1972

Tutu, daughter of Riria McGregor and Nicola Sciascia was born after the death of her father who was killed by a bull on Portland Island in 1898.

She was brought up as a child by her mother Riria and spent some time with Ashton and Hirani Nopera before returning to Koputaroa and marrying her husband Wally Wakefield. He served in the Great War shortly after marriage, and on his return from the war zone, they lived in Koputaroa, returning to Porangahau about 1923 where they both lived until their respective deaths.

Tutu took an active interest in Maori Welfare League work and other social activities in the Porangahau area.

Her husband was the heavyweight boxing champion overseas during the Great War, and was a shearing contractor until his death.

Most text has been taken from the reunion books of 1972 and 1987. However some changes have been made due to recent research identifying some minor errors in previously published text.

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